1. GENOCIDE PACT Forged Through Domination
    Genocide Pact

  2. CHOKEHOLD Chokehold (A389-165)

  3. CHOKEHOLD Content With Dying (A389-164)

  4. CHOKEHOLD Prison Of Hope (A389-163)

  5. 09.19.2015

  6. A389-162 NOISEM Blossoming Decay

  7. A389-159 ILSA The Felon's Claw

  8. IN COLD BLOOD ‘Blind The Eyes’ b/w ‘Straight Flush’ (A389-157)

  9. IRON REAGAN ‘Spoiled Identity’ (A389-156)

  10. FULL OF HELL & MERZBOW (A389-155)

  11. A389 2014 DIGITAL MIXTAPE

  12. PRIMITIVE MAN / FISTER ‘Split’ (A389-153)

  13. THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER ‘Grind ‘Em All’ (A389-152)

  14. 100 DEMONS ‘In The Eyes Of The Lord’ (A389-151)

  15. SICK/TIRED ‘Dissolution’ (A389-149)

  16. HOMEWRECKER ‘Circle Of Death’ (A389-148)

  17. NOISEM ‘Consumed’ (A389-147)

  18. NAPALM CHRIST ‘Napalm Christ’ (A389-146)

  19. PHARAOH ‘Negative Everything’ (A389-145)

  20. BLOODLET ‘Live On WMFU-FM: 03.23.95’ (A389-144)

  21. FULL OF HELL / PSYWARFARE ‘Split’ (A389-143)

  22. INTEGRITY / VEGAS ‘Split’ (A389-142)

  23. NOISEM / OCCULTIST ‘Split’ (A389-141)

  24. IN COLD BLOOD ‘Suicide King’ (Remastered) (A389-140)

  25. BLOODLET ‘Entheogen’ 2x12” (A389-139)

  26. SHIN TO SHIN ‘Shin to Shin’ (A389-138)

  27. INTEGRITY ‘7th Revelation: Beyond the Realm of the VVitch’ (A389-137)

  28. BLOODLET 'Embrace’ 7” (A389-136)

  29. INTEGRITY ‘Black Heksen Rise’ (A389-135)

  30. FULL OF HELL / CALM THE FIRE ‘Split’ (A389-134)

  31. HAYMAKER ‘Let Them Rot’ (A389-133)

  32. THE BELLICOSE MINDS ‘The Buzz Or Howl Sessions’ 10” (A389-132)

  33. BLIND TO FAITH ‘Under The Heptagram' (A389-131)

  34. EMPIRE OF RATS Empire Of Rats (A389-130)

  35. INTEGRITY ‘Suicide Black Snake’ 12” (A389-129)

  36. NOISEM ‘Agony Defined’ (A389-128)

  37. FULL OF HELL ‘Rudiments Of Mutilation’ (A389-127)

  38. LIKE RATS ‘Like Rats’ (A389-126)

  39. SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP ‘Opium Morals’ 12”/CD (A389-125)

  40. IRON REAGAN ‘Worse Than Dead’ (A389-124)

  41. YOUNG AND IN THE WAY / WITHDRAWAL ‘Split’ (A389-123)

  42. SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP/ILSA 'Split’ (A389-122)

  43. ANCIENT SHORES/CYNARAE 'Split’ (A389-121)

  44. ILSA ‘The Maggots are Hungry’ (A389-120)

  45. GOD’S AMERICA 'Our Bones Will Bleach In The Sun' (A389-119)

  46. GEHENNA ‘Self Titled' (Bonus) (A389-118)

  47. GEHENNA ‘Negotium Perambulans in Tenebris’ 12” (A389-117)

  48. WEEKEND NACHOS ‘Watch You Suffer’ (A389-116)

  49. LEFT FOR DEAD ‘Devoid Of Everything’ (A389-115)

  50. ILSA ‘Tutti Il Colori Del Buio’ (A389-114)

  51. ILSA ‘Intoxicatations’ 12” (A389-113)

  52. NOTHING ‘Downward Years to Come’ (A389-112)

  53. GEHENNA ‘East Coast Tour MMXII’ (A389-111)

  54. EYEHATEGOD 'New Orleans Is The New Vietnam’ (A389-110)

  55. RINGWORM ‘Stigmatas in the Flesh’ (A389-109)

  56. THE GUILT OF... / FULL OF HELL ‘Split’ (A389-108)

  57. SICK FIX ‘Vexed’ (A389-107)

  58. PLEASANT LIVING 'Self Titled’ (A389-106)

  59. VILIPEND ‘Inamorata’ (A389-105)

  60. LIKE RATS ‘Like Rats’ (LP)

  61. PHARAOH ‘This House is Doomed’ (A389-103)

  62. SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP ‘SSOS (aka The Devil’s Rain)’ 7”/CD (A389-102)

  63. HOMEWRECKER ‘Worms & Dirt’ (A389-101)

  64. CHILDREN OF GOD ‘Victimized’ (A389-099)

  65. CYNARAE ‘Cynarae’ (A389-098)

  66. THE LOVE BELOW ‘Demo 2007’ (A389-097)

  67. EDDIE BROCK ‘Brand New Day’ (A389-096)

  68. COUNTDOWN TO OBLIVION ‘Complete Discography’ 12” (A389-095)

  69. THE LOVE BELOW ‘Every Tongue Shall Caress’ (A389-094)

  70. THOR’S TEETH ‘Live at Sonar: 01.08.2010’ 12” (A389-093)

  71. PICK YOUR SIDE ‘Let Me Show You How Democracy Works’ 12” (A389-092)

  72. INTEGRITY ‘Evacuate’ (A389-091)

  73. INTEGRITY ‘Kingdom of Heaven: The Araca Sessions’ (A389-090)

  74. (A389-089) YOUNG AND IN THE WAY I Am Not What I Am 12"

  75. (A389-088) YOUNG AND IN THE WAY Amen 12"

  76. ENFORCERS ‘End of Time’ (A389-087)

  77. UNHOLY MAJESTY ‘Unholy Majesty’ (A389-086)

  78. PULLING TEETH ‘Lightning Strikes Twice’ (A389-085)

  79. JUNIOR BRUCE ‘The Headless King’ 12” (A389-084)

  80. RINGWORM ‘Madness of War’ (A389-083)

  81. RINGWORM / MINDSNARE 'Your Soul Belongs to Us’ (A389-082)

  82. ANNE ‘Dream Punx’ (A389-081)

  83. PALE CREATION ‘Twilight Haunt’ 12” (A389-080)


  85. KILL LIFE (FEATURING MIKE IX) ‘Dead End America’ (A389-078)

  86. HATEWAVES ‘The Tombs’ (A389-077)

  87. TRIAC ‘Always Meant to Hurt You’ (A389-076)

  88. LOW PLACES ‘Spiritual Treatment’ (A389-075)

  89. FULL OF HELL ‘Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home’ (A389-074)

  90. PENETRATION PANTHERS ‘Perpetual 80’s’ (A389-073)

  91. WITCH-LORD ‘Atomized in the Black Solarian’ (A389-072)

  92. GRAVEHILL ‘Practitioners Of Fell Sorcery’ (A389-071)

  93. GEHENNA ‘Land of Sodom II/Upon the Gravehill’ 7”/CD (A389-070)

  94. GEHENNA 'O.D.R.I.E.P.’ (A389-069)

  95. WITHDRAWAL 'Faith Flesh & Blood’ (A389-068)

  96. HOMEWRECKER / THE LOVE BELOW ‘Split’ (A389-067)

  97. PULLING TEETH ‘Funerary’ (A389-066)

  98. PULLING TEETH ‘Demo 2005’ (A389-065)

  99. SERAPHIM ‘The Light in the Distance’ (A389-064)

  100. PALA ‘We Don’t Exist’ (A389-063)

  101. ANCIENT SHORES ‘Step to the Edge’ (A389-062)

  102. PICK YOUR SIDE 'Survival Prayer’ (A389-061)

  103. WEEKEND NACHOS ‘Black Earth’ (A389-060)

  104. VARIOUS ARTISTS 'The Show That Ends the World Soundtrack’ (A389-059)

  105. XIBALBA ‘Xibalba’ (A389-058)

  106. SEVEN SISTERS OF SLEEP ‘Seven Sisters of Sleep’ 12” (A389-057)

  107. MIGHTY SPHINCTER ‘Resurrection’ (A389-056)

  108. PULLING TEETH / MIGHTY SPHINCTER ‘Split’ (A389-055)

  109. INTEGRITY / CREEPOUT ‘Love is the Only Weapon’ (A389-054)

  110. ROT IN HELL ‘Niu’ (A389-053)

  111. PHARAOH ‘I Murderer, I’ (A389-052)

  112. OAK ‘ii’ 12” (A389-051)

  113. HATEWAVES ‘Taste the Beast’ (A389-049)

  114. GRAY GHOST ‘Succubus’ (A389-048)

  115. GEHENNA / BLIND TO FAITH ‘Split’ (A389-047)

  116. PULLING TEETH / SHIN TO SHIN ‘Split’ (A389-046)

  117. CAULFIELD ‘Caulfield’ (A389-045)

  118. MlLLENIAL REIGN ‘Bones Dust Nothing’ (A389-044)

  119. PALE CREATION ‘Pale Creation’ (A389-043)

  120. INTEGRITY / PALE CREATION ‘Split’ (A389-042)

  121. THE LOVE BELOW ‘Reproductive Rights’ (A389-041)

  122. GEHENNA ‘The Hope Guzzo Bootleg’ (A389-040)

  123. GEHENNA / CALIFORNIA LOVE ‘Split’ (A389-039)

  124. SERAPHIM ‘Seraphim’ (A389-038)

  125. INTEGRITY ‘Darkness / March of the Damned’ (A389-037)

  126. INTEGRITY ‘To Die For’ (A389-036)

  127. RINGWORM ‘1991 Demo’ (A389-035)

  128. GLUTTONS ‘G.F.F.G.’ (A389-034)

  129. (A389-033) DAY OF MOURNING Your Future's End 12"

  130. ROSES NEVER FADE ‘Fade To Black’ (A389-032)

  131. PULLING TEETH ‘Paranoid Delusions Paradise Illusions’ (A389-030)

  132. RINGWORM ‘The Promise’ (A389-029)

  133. ROT IN HELL ‘Hallways of the Always’ 12” (A389-028)

  134. PULLING TEETH w/DWID HELLION ‘01.13.2007’ (A389-027)

  135. OAK ‘Self Titled’ 12” (A389-026)

  136. PALA ‘Pala’ (A389-025)

  137. TRAPPED UNDER ICE / DIRTY MONEY ‘Split’ (A389-024)

  138. INTEGRITY ‘Walpurgisnacht’ (A389-023)

  139. DIE YOUNG ‘Loss’ (A389-022)

  140. GEHENNA ‘The War of the Sons of Light and the Suns of Darkness’ 12” (A389-021)

  141. PULLING TEETH ‘Martyr Immortal’ (A389-020)

  142. PULLING TEETH ‘Witches Sabbath II’ (A389-019)

  143. PULLING TEETH / FRIGHTENER ‘Split’ (A389-018)

  144. STEEL NATION ‘The New Nation’ (A389-017)

  145. IN COLD BLOOD ‘Suicide King’ (A389-016)

  146. FRIGHTENER ‘Guillotine’ (A389-015)

  147. SUPREME COMMANDER ‘120 Years in the Business’ (A389-014)

  148. PULLING TEETH ‘Vicious Skin’ (A389-013)

  149. ABOUT TO SNAP ‘Already Dead’ (A389-012)

  150. TAKEN BY FORCE ‘Taken by Force’ (A389-011)

  151. GUT INSTINCT ‘1989-92 Complete Discography’ (A389-010)
    Gut Instinct

  152. HARSH TRUTH ‘Harsh Truth’ (A389-009)

  153. LIVING HELL ‘Living Hell’ (A389-008)

  154. WISDOM IN CHAINS ‘Vigilante Saint’ (A389-007)

  155. HOLYGHOST HolyGhost 12" (A389-006)

  156. GUT INSTINCT ‘Disturbing the Peace’ (A389-005)

  157. SLUMLORDS ‘Involuntary Skinhead’ (A389-004)

  158. EVERYDAY DOLLARS ‘Everyday Dollars’ (A389-003)

  159. IN MY WAY ‘In My Way’ (A389-002)

  160. BRING IT ON ‘Only the Strong Survive’ (A389-001)

  161. A389 MMXIII Digital Mixtape
    Various Artists


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